Saturday, April 16, 2016


A.     Marta Dalton was extremely informative, impressive, and inspiring. I really enjoyed her presentation and hearing about all her experiences and really appreciated her advice for our future.  She spoke a lot about needing people who are trained on google analytics and how many companies are in need for this field.  When I bought a coke in the past I never thought about e-commerce, B2B&B2C, or these big databases that track all this data but now it always crosses my mind how much is behind the scenes.

B.     I had an excellent time on this tour!  The one interesting thing that stuck with me and is that Karl said they were hired by AMC and told them the best time to play walking dead was Sunday at 9 pm.  That is one show I never miss.  I didn’t know what MSA was before hand, I thought that businesses did their own analysis on sales and that sort of thing.  MSA actually has 8 different departments but Karl focuses on consumer goods and services which was interesting to me because my Dad has been operational managers for Coke-Cola, Lance, AVI Food Systems and other food companies. 

C.     A project manager is someone who sees a project through from inception to execution.  Ginger’s presentation was very useful for me personally, my major is Art Management and I’m just now beginning my business courses and she really broke it down and helped me understand concepts step by step.  Project Management sounds like something I will definitely encounter in my career and will want to as well.  When we were at our MSA tour, Karl spoke about their internship opportunities and he mentioned a few for project manager interns and after Ginger’s presentation I would really like to peruse that. 

D.    I’m very glad this course was available for me to take this semester.  Like I said before this is my junior year but my first go at business and this course has really helped me along.  I have gained a lot of knowledge using different databases and management and how to apply these new skills especially with the team project learning different business processes.  I plan to work in museum education and something like information systems will be extremely useful to that when organizing artists, businesses, employees, and more.  It could be something I can take to my job and possible enhance their current system.  When I compared my pre and post surveys I noticed some big changes.  On my pre-course survey I only knew of maybe 2 or 3 things, and one was about make strong passwords, on my post-course survey I knew everything and could explain it in detail. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


B.      I gained a lot of knew knowledge during this exercise.  One thing is I learned how to use all the functions excel gives you.  I new some basic ones but we used some more advanced ones for players ages and whether they are tall or not that will really be useful for other charts.  Also learning more about tableau is important.  It’s a program that can be really useful for other future projects.

C.      In Chapter 9 we talked about reporting analysis and data mining and I think that’s what we were doing here.  Especially in task 10, we made a map on tableau using information about the players PosRank and Birth Zip Code.  Its taking information and sorting, grouping, summing, filtering, formatting and finding patterns and relationships.   

D.      One of the advanced skills I found interesting was adding sparklines to the pivot charts.  You just highlight whatever rows or columns you want included and the there is a button under the pivot chart tab for sparklines and then it adds a line in a new tab showing the increases and decreases. 

Monday, March 28, 2016


In this assignment my first step was to total the information given to me from a survey taken about different breweries and brands, this was done in excel.  From there I uploaded the information I gathered onto Tableau and was able to create charts showing a story of each average category.  One for familiarity of the brand, regard of the brand, relevance of the brand and finally the total brand equity score.  Tableau is a business intelligence software that visualizes and connects data.  Business intelligence systems are information systems that shows the process and data to analyze the past and to help make predictions about their future.  So when a company collects tons of data its hard to see or make patterns when they upload there data to Tableau and create graphs, charts, or timelines it makes it a much easier process.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Digital Analytics summarized is the analysis of data from your business and your competitors through the customers online.  I chose Giant Eagles Marketing functions.  Giant Eagle will use digital analytics to focus on there customers.  They will be able to see where the customers are located what part of the site they are looking at and gives them a much better understanding of how to reach the audience there looking for. 

Sentiment Analysis is the examination of customer reviews.   For Giant Eagle maybe they can create a spot for people to review different types of breads the bakery was making. It would help with customer service.  The Giant Eagle at home has this huge section of these different types of artisan breads different days of the weeks.  If they created a website or a Facebook page they could see what is most popular and what isn’t.  They could receive feed back on price, taste, freshness and then use it to better themselves and especially sales.   Twitter is a very useful tool.  Sentiment Analysis can also be use on there to track anything being said about Giant Eagle.  Comments, good and bad and you could use that to contact the customer personally and keep them shopping at your store. 

Social Network Analysis are diagrams or illustrations that show where people are connected specifically in groups. Giant Eagle could use this type of analysis to track age groups of there customers.  Maybe if there is a large group of 65+ customers they could have a senior night and send out special coupons.  Something that would be more useful would be the income averages of the customer base.  That’s something that would be key for what kind of products typically price wise what would sell better where.  This type of analysis can definitely help increase sales and the customer service. 

When building our teams website, I set up the Google Analytics and now I know how much it can actually do.  It tracks people visited your website from all over the place and shows you what everyone is visited and what’s the most popular page.  Professionals use all these analysis tools to better themselves in all aspects.  Social capital is an investment a company makes in social relations to better there marketing.  When a company say joins Facebook the now have the ability to touch base with customers, get feedback, reviews, gain new customers and promote sales.  It’ll better the companies marketing, sales, customer service. 

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


This past assignment taught me a new skill set.  I was familiar with excel before we started this assignment so it wasn’t to challenging.  This assignment dug into access and showed me how in depth and efficient it can be.  There’s a page called relationships.  You connect the common fields in the data tables and from there you can make queries, forms and reports that show even more data and you can see even more at once.  When working on excel its useful but its flat.  Flat like there’s only one view and you see it all at once or in small chunks and can’t go to far beyond there.  The key in the table is something that is unique to the table like for example in the employee table the key is the employee ID.  The relationships, like I said before, are ways to connect all your different tables and have them open together and combine the data.  The queries are what you can use when you are searching for things to add, change, delete, or whatever you need.  It makes it easier for you to find their items without you having to search through all your data.  Forms are just ways that makes it easier to view the data or get the exact items you want.  You can change the way that your forms are displayed.  That’s a good thing if this is for a business where multiple people will be using it so it is apparent and efficient.  One of my friends has a very a very successful nail polish business.  She does have a lot of customers new and returning but I always tell her that she needs to start collecting emails so she can promote her new series and let people know about sales and coupons.  If she did start getting email addresses I could set up an access data sheet for her and include all her orders and all her customers.  She could even keep track of her suppliers.  I think the use of the relational databases would be beneficiary to any business whether its large or just individual.