Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Walking away on the first day of class, I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t very thrilled.  I guess I was in intimidated.  Then I went home and read and realized that I could figure this out.  Now I’m intrigued.  This is a skill that is really used in every job field.  A system where you can connect, collaborate and share with your coworkers or newcomers or bosses, anyone.  I hope to work as a museum educator so learning this information systems process is really going to benefit me.  When I’m employed this will be something I use so I can share and touch base with the different artist or curators I’m working with.

For the team project I’m interested in learning about the logistics and operations at Farm Truck Foods.  Maybe a business process will be like how they figure out what foods will be ordered for what runs.  Also I would like to do something about the Carnegie Museum of Art, possibly finding out the process of incoming exhibitions and how it is decided.

My major again is Arts Management. 

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