Tuesday, February 2, 2016

So grandma, the CPU stands for central processing unit, it is basically the brain of the computer. (Bair, B)  It stores all the information for every single thing that you do on your computer.  Say you have Pandora up and you have your email open and then you open a browser to google something its whole job is to get the instructions that are stored in the computers memory to be able to keep working to keep all those programs running. (In One Lesson) Its located on a raspberry pi, its like a small and cheap computer, its that little green board with all the gadgets on it.  The CPU is the large black box on the floor of the board.

The memory part of the computer is called the RAM.  It stands for random access memory.  RAM stores a huge amount of information from your computer it can be access in any way and its what makes it possible for you to be doing multiple things at one time. (Fowler, S) Your Pandora, email and a web browser. It also keeps your computer running nice and fast too.  Again on that raspberry pi I was talking about its located almost in the same spot as the CPU its just the smaller black box. 

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