Sunday, February 14, 2016


a)  Excel Macros are a piece of computer code that are specifically written for excel using the visual basic for applications programming language they’re like a collection of steps.  Its useful for business and nonprofits because it’s a simple way of doing repeated tasks.  It makes it easy to add and drop new customers or clients.

b)  Excel macros are to Excel what Software is to hardware.  Each of the former are informing the latter how to work.  They’re both lines of code that command the function of the larger working parts.

c)  In this exercise I put in new orders, changed names of employees and got rid of one who was let go.  One of the most important things I learned was to set up a working macro.  It seems very complicated but once you get started it becomes easier and it makes working in excel a lot smoother.  Another thing I learned was that I was able to leave myself little notes inside of my macro that the computer will pay not attention to its only for me to read and remind myself of what things are or mean or exactly what I need to do.  

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