Tuesday, February 23, 2016


This past assignment taught me a new skill set.  I was familiar with excel before we started this assignment so it wasn’t to challenging.  This assignment dug into access and showed me how in depth and efficient it can be.  There’s a page called relationships.  You connect the common fields in the data tables and from there you can make queries, forms and reports that show even more data and you can see even more at once.  When working on excel its useful but its flat.  Flat like there’s only one view and you see it all at once or in small chunks and can’t go to far beyond there.  The key in the table is something that is unique to the table like for example in the employee table the key is the employee ID.  The relationships, like I said before, are ways to connect all your different tables and have them open together and combine the data.  The queries are what you can use when you are searching for things to add, change, delete, or whatever you need.  It makes it easier for you to find their items without you having to search through all your data.  Forms are just ways that makes it easier to view the data or get the exact items you want.  You can change the way that your forms are displayed.  That’s a good thing if this is for a business where multiple people will be using it so it is apparent and efficient.  One of my friends has a very a very successful nail polish business.  She does have a lot of customers new and returning but I always tell her that she needs to start collecting emails so she can promote her new series and let people know about sales and coupons.  If she did start getting email addresses I could set up an access data sheet for her and include all her orders and all her customers.  She could even keep track of her suppliers.  I think the use of the relational databases would be beneficiary to any business whether its large or just individual.   

Sunday, February 14, 2016


a)  Excel Macros are a piece of computer code that are specifically written for excel using the visual basic for applications programming language they’re like a collection of steps.  Its useful for business and nonprofits because it’s a simple way of doing repeated tasks.  It makes it easy to add and drop new customers or clients.

b)  Excel macros are to Excel what Software is to hardware.  Each of the former are informing the latter how to work.  They’re both lines of code that command the function of the larger working parts.

c)  In this exercise I put in new orders, changed names of employees and got rid of one who was let go.  One of the most important things I learned was to set up a working macro.  It seems very complicated but once you get started it becomes easier and it makes working in excel a lot smoother.  Another thing I learned was that I was able to leave myself little notes inside of my macro that the computer will pay not attention to its only for me to read and remind myself of what things are or mean or exactly what I need to do.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

So grandma, the CPU stands for central processing unit, it is basically the brain of the computer. (Bair, B)  It stores all the information for every single thing that you do on your computer.  Say you have Pandora up and you have your email open and then you open a browser to google something its whole job is to get the instructions that are stored in the computers memory to be able to keep working to keep all those programs running. (In One Lesson) Its located on a raspberry pi, its like a small and cheap computer, its that little green board with all the gadgets on it.  The CPU is the large black box on the floor of the board.

The memory part of the computer is called the RAM.  It stands for random access memory.  RAM stores a huge amount of information from your computer it can be access in any way and its what makes it possible for you to be doing multiple things at one time. (Fowler, S) Your Pandora, email and a web browser. It also keeps your computer running nice and fast too.  Again on that raspberry pi I was talking about its located almost in the same spot as the CPU its just the smaller black box. 

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