Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Digital Analytics summarized is the analysis of data from your business and your competitors through the customers online.  I chose Giant Eagles Marketing functions.  Giant Eagle will use digital analytics to focus on there customers.  They will be able to see where the customers are located what part of the site they are looking at and gives them a much better understanding of how to reach the audience there looking for. 

Sentiment Analysis is the examination of customer reviews.   For Giant Eagle maybe they can create a spot for people to review different types of breads the bakery was making. It would help with customer service.  The Giant Eagle at home has this huge section of these different types of artisan breads different days of the weeks.  If they created a website or a Facebook page they could see what is most popular and what isn’t.  They could receive feed back on price, taste, freshness and then use it to better themselves and especially sales.   Twitter is a very useful tool.  Sentiment Analysis can also be use on there to track anything being said about Giant Eagle.  Comments, good and bad and you could use that to contact the customer personally and keep them shopping at your store. 

Social Network Analysis are diagrams or illustrations that show where people are connected specifically in groups. Giant Eagle could use this type of analysis to track age groups of there customers.  Maybe if there is a large group of 65+ customers they could have a senior night and send out special coupons.  Something that would be more useful would be the income averages of the customer base.  That’s something that would be key for what kind of products typically price wise what would sell better where.  This type of analysis can definitely help increase sales and the customer service. 

When building our teams website, I set up the Google Analytics and now I know how much it can actually do.  It tracks people visited your website from all over the place and shows you what everyone is visited and what’s the most popular page.  Professionals use all these analysis tools to better themselves in all aspects.  Social capital is an investment a company makes in social relations to better there marketing.  When a company say joins Facebook the now have the ability to touch base with customers, get feedback, reviews, gain new customers and promote sales.  It’ll better the companies marketing, sales, customer service. 

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