Saturday, April 16, 2016


A.     Marta Dalton was extremely informative, impressive, and inspiring. I really enjoyed her presentation and hearing about all her experiences and really appreciated her advice for our future.  She spoke a lot about needing people who are trained on google analytics and how many companies are in need for this field.  When I bought a coke in the past I never thought about e-commerce, B2B&B2C, or these big databases that track all this data but now it always crosses my mind how much is behind the scenes.

B.     I had an excellent time on this tour!  The one interesting thing that stuck with me and is that Karl said they were hired by AMC and told them the best time to play walking dead was Sunday at 9 pm.  That is one show I never miss.  I didn’t know what MSA was before hand, I thought that businesses did their own analysis on sales and that sort of thing.  MSA actually has 8 different departments but Karl focuses on consumer goods and services which was interesting to me because my Dad has been operational managers for Coke-Cola, Lance, AVI Food Systems and other food companies. 

C.     A project manager is someone who sees a project through from inception to execution.  Ginger’s presentation was very useful for me personally, my major is Art Management and I’m just now beginning my business courses and she really broke it down and helped me understand concepts step by step.  Project Management sounds like something I will definitely encounter in my career and will want to as well.  When we were at our MSA tour, Karl spoke about their internship opportunities and he mentioned a few for project manager interns and after Ginger’s presentation I would really like to peruse that. 

D.    I’m very glad this course was available for me to take this semester.  Like I said before this is my junior year but my first go at business and this course has really helped me along.  I have gained a lot of knowledge using different databases and management and how to apply these new skills especially with the team project learning different business processes.  I plan to work in museum education and something like information systems will be extremely useful to that when organizing artists, businesses, employees, and more.  It could be something I can take to my job and possible enhance their current system.  When I compared my pre and post surveys I noticed some big changes.  On my pre-course survey I only knew of maybe 2 or 3 things, and one was about make strong passwords, on my post-course survey I knew everything and could explain it in detail. 

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