Wednesday, April 13, 2016


B.      I gained a lot of knew knowledge during this exercise.  One thing is I learned how to use all the functions excel gives you.  I new some basic ones but we used some more advanced ones for players ages and whether they are tall or not that will really be useful for other charts.  Also learning more about tableau is important.  It’s a program that can be really useful for other future projects.

C.      In Chapter 9 we talked about reporting analysis and data mining and I think that’s what we were doing here.  Especially in task 10, we made a map on tableau using information about the players PosRank and Birth Zip Code.  Its taking information and sorting, grouping, summing, filtering, formatting and finding patterns and relationships.   

D.      One of the advanced skills I found interesting was adding sparklines to the pivot charts.  You just highlight whatever rows or columns you want included and the there is a button under the pivot chart tab for sparklines and then it adds a line in a new tab showing the increases and decreases. 

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